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Promoting a healthy Ireland

This website provides information on exercise and healthy eating. It is a fundamental belief of the Nutrition and Health Foundation (NHF) that diet and exercise are interlinked. In promoting a healthy Ireland, we need to address both. Small steps lead to significant change. Make an informed choice today by exploring our Food pyramid or Interactive Exercise Pyramid, understand food labelling Food labels explained or try out a new recipe. The NHF does not provide dietary advice with regards to specific conditions such as allergies, coeliac disease, diabetes etc. Please consult the INDI website

Eating Well

Interactive Food Pyramid

Get up to speed on your food groups. Use our helpful interactive food pyramid to help giude you to healthier and more balanced eating. It doesn't have to be hard and you may already be on your way there, just a little help more might be all that is needed.

BMI Calculator

What is your BMI? Knowing our body mass index is key keeping us healthy. Your BMI is a measurement of the relationship between your weight and height.

Interactive Food Label

Learn to read a food label. It will help you to understand the importance of knowing what is in our food and how much, especially if you are on any kind of special diet.

Keeping Fit

Interactive Exercise Pyramid

Use it to become more active. This pyramid will help show you the proportions of different activitities that we should be doing on a daily basis. Why not find out how much exercise you are already doing?

Exercise Diary

Keep track of all that hard work! You work hard, so why not keep a log of it to ensure that you praise yourself for what you have achieved.

Top tips to a fitter you

Helpful and easy hints to get you going. You don't have to take on the world at once, just do one step at a time. Do what feels right for you. Unsure - talk to your GP and/or Physiotherpist.

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